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Saudi surgeon creates history after completing 48 th successful operation separating conjoined twins

Dr. Abdullah al-Rabeeah, a pediatric surgeon and adviser to the Saudi Royal Court, separates conjoined twins who were born to poorer families from around the world for the past 30 years.Dr. Abdullah successfully completed his 48th surgery on a set of conjoined twins, Ahmed and Muhammed, from Libya last week to enter the world records.

Dr.Abdullah Rabeeah’s program mission to separate conjoined twins is housed within King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital in Riyadh and gets financial assistance from Saudi royals and Islamic charity missions. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approve each individual operation with the Saudi government footing the bill.

“We(The doctor’s office) pay for the travel and other expenses,” al-Rabeeah told ABC News about the patients who have come from 21 countries. “It has nothing to do with geography, religion or politics. It’s based on science and humanity.”

Al-Rabeeah has separated so many children that even his identical, non-conjoined twin daughters speculated he¬†might have operated¬†on them. “Mom, when did dad separate us?” he quoted them, laughing…


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