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Cobra chases biker who run over its tail :Watch Video

It was tough chase for Guddu Pachauri, a young man from Uttar Pradesh. It was actually a chase of life and death for him, because he was chased by a cobra.

Guddu who lives in the Jalaun district in Uttar Pradesh unknowingly ran over the tail of a cobra. But the injured cobra started to chase his motorbike. The cobra chased the motor bike for around two kilometers. Finally seeing that the snake is almost snapping at his heels, Guddu ran away leaving his bike on the road.

But the cobra was not in a mood to return and it sat on the bike. And it waited for over an hour. And the snake did not allow anyone to come near the bike.

At last the large crowd which gathered around the bike pelted stone at the deadly reptile. And at last it slipped away. But the frightened Guddu is still afraid of the snake as he believes that the cobra will take its revenge.


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