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Friends give couples an ‘expensive gift’ : Read to know

The price of onion in India is skyrocketing. Thieves have started stealing onion instead of money. Earlier a truck full of onions was abducted in West Bengal.

Now people had started gifting onion too. A newly has received an ‘expensive’ gift – bouquet made of onions. The incident took place in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

Four friends of the groom came up with the bizarre idea to gift onions which is sold from Rs 150 to Rs 160 in Tamil Nadu and around Rs 200 in other places.

The bouquet of onions was made using 2.5 kg of onions that cost Rs.500. “Onion is sold at Rs 195 a kg eating into the budget of the commoners. So we bought 2.5kg at Rs 500 from a store and presented it to the couple,” one of the friends said.


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