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Man accused of double murder shot dead inside courtroom

A man accused of a double murder was shot dead inside a courtroom in western Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor this afternoon as court proceedings were on. The shooting occurred as the prisoner, Shanawaz Ansari, was being produced in front of the Chief Judicial Magistrate at the Bijnor district court. The three men who took out pistols inside the courtroom and shot the prisoner were chased and arrested by policemen present inside the court.

Local reports suggest that such was the intensity of the firing inside the courtroom that even the judge and other court staff had to duck for cover.

An advocate who was inside the court said everyone dove to the floor as soon as bullets were fired.

“I was inside the court. A client of mine had a bail application. Suddenly these three men stared shooting. We ducked for cover. I saw one man fall to the ground. I even saw a policeman take a bullet. We just took a dive to the floor and stayed there till the cops rescued us. I think it was all very filmy,” said advocate Atul Sisodia.


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