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Know the countries where Christmas celebrations are banned

Christmas is celebrated all over the world on today, December 25. But there some countries in this world where Christmas celebrations are banned.

See the countries where Christmas celebrations are banned.

1. Brunei: Brunei, the world’s most richest country ruled by the world’s most richest monarch has banned Christmas celebrations from December 2014. A strict ban on Christmas celebrations were imposed after the Sharia Law has stricken in the country.

Brunei having a total population of 5 lakhs is predominantly a Muslim country. 65% of the population is Muslim.

Non Muslims are allowed to celebrate Christmas but are not allowed to share their plans with Muslims. Violators will face five years in jail.

These enforcement is introduced to control the act of celebrating Christmas openly that could damage the creed of Muslim community.

2. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. here Christmas celebrations are not allowed.

3. Somalia: The African country has also a ban on Christmas.

4. Tajikistan: The former Soviet union state is predominantly Muslim. The country has also a ban on Christmas.

5. North Korea: This communist country has a strict ban on Christmas celebrations.

6. Albania: The world’s first constitutionally atheist state in the world has banned Christianity in 1967. After the fall of Communist regime in 1990 citizens are allowed to celebrate Christmas.

7.USA: Yes it ti true. Once Christmas was banned in USA. On 1620 a ban on Christmas was imposed . Later in 1659-1681 there was a bna on Christmas celebrations. Christmas become legal in 1840.

8. China: Since the Communist country took the power in 1949 there is restrictions on religious celebrations.

9. England: between 1647-1660 the celebration was discouraged under the influence of Puritan movement.


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