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Man stripped naked, thrashed over suspicion of stealing garlic

A man was stripped naked and thrashed on suspicion of stealing garlic sacks from a wholesale vegetable market here in Mandsaur on Monday, police said.Speaking about the matter, SL Baurasi, Mandsaur Police Station Incharge said: “This is a very serious matter. We have begun an investigation. Action will be taken against the culprits who are seen in the video.”

When farmers came to sell garlic in a wholesale market, they learned that some garlic sacks have been stolen.

Following which, a young man was interrogated and when people suspected that he had stolen garlic, instead of taking him to the police station or calling the police, people took the law into their hands and started beating him. They stripped off all his clothes and put a sack of garlic on his shoulder and made him roam around the market.

“After it was found that a young man had stolen garlic. People hit him after stripping off his clothes. We have recovered the garlic he had stolen. There is a need to tighten the security system in the market,” Badrila, a farmer said.Police have not made any arrests in this case so far.


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