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Drivers will be fined for this traffic offence in UAE

Drivers who obstruct traffic on roads by parking or halting their vehicles in non-designated areas will be fined. This was informed by Sharjah police. The Sharjah police also shared video on social media to raise awareness about this offence.

“Article 98 of the executive regulations of the traffic law states that a fine of Dh500 will be levied on vehicles that cause traffic to be obstructed in any way. This includes stopping vehicles wrongly on the side of the road,” the police said in a video.

The video also showed vehicles halting on service lanes next to parked cars, unable to find a spot to park, and other vehicles barely squeezing by in the narrow lanes. It also showed some dangerous examples of drivers  halting right after exiting a roundabout, causing a traffic jam leading up to the roundabout.


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