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Paytm announces charges for adding money and making bank transfers

Paytm has released a list of all charges that you might have to pay for adding money via credit card or when transferring money from your e-wallet to a bank account. For the first time, Paytm customers will have to pay a charge for adding money above ?10,000 in a month using credit card.

According to Paytm’s schedule of charges, any transactions less than ?10,000 can be done for free. For transactions greater than ?10,000 in a month, the digital payments firm will charge you an amount of 1.75% plus GST.

In case the total money added by credit card, including current transaction, exceeds ? 10,000, then the entire transaction amount will be charged as 1.75%, besides GST.

For example, if the first transaction of adding money to Paytm wallet in a month is ? 12,000, a fee will be charged on the entire ? 12,000. This means that you will be charged ? 240 and the total amount deducted would be ? 12,240 from your credit card. All subsequent transactions will also be charged accordingly.

In case where you make multiple transactions with a cumulative amount exceeding ?10,000, then your first few transactions could be free. For example, if the first transaction is of ?1,000, 2nd one of ?2,000, then neither of the two transactions will be chargeable. However, if you make another transaction of ?7,001, then the entire amount of ?7,001 shall be charged. All subsequent transactions shall be charged too.


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