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‘Jammu and Kashmir is the internal matter of India’: Russian envoy

Nikolay R Kudashev, the Russian Ambassador to India has made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir is internal matter of India. He also said that he does not find any reason to travel to Kashmir.

“I do not feel that there is a reason for me to travel to Kashmir. Your decisions, as far as Jammu and Kashmir are concerned, this is your internal matter belonging to the constitutional space of India,” said Kudashev.

“Those who are concerned about the situation in Kashmir, those who put in doubt the Indian policies in Kashmir, they could travel if they wish. They could see for themselves. We never put it in doubt,” he added.

The envoy’s remarks come a week after a 15-member delegation of envoys from various countries set out to visit Jammu and Kashmir to have an eye on the government’s efforts in the region, post the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution.


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