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Huge earthquake measuring up to 8.0 magnitude may hit these regions : Report

A massive earthquake measuring up to 8.0 on Richter scale may hit South America, Central America and Caribbean’s Puerto Rico in the coming days, according to seismic website Ditrianum.

A self-proclaimed seismic researcher named Frank Hoogerbeets said: “Critical planetary and lunar geometry may trigger large seismic activity, possibly high 6 to 7, maybe 8 magnitude. 7.”

On his website, Ditrianum, Frank Hoogerbeets said: “This indication does not mean that other regions are excluded. We advice everyone in earthquake prone countries to have some earthquake plan in place so that you know what to do when an earthquake occurs. It may significantly raise the chance of survival.”

However, many experts have already rubbished his claims earlier, saying that earthquake are not possible to predict.

Hoogerbeets, on his website, claims that he was using an advanced system named Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) to predict potential earthquakes that will happen in the future.

“Also, contrary to what is falsely being claimed, we are not part of any conspiracy theory group. We are not against anyone or anything. We provide information in an impartial manner about the seismic effects from specific planetary and lunar geometry,” Hoogerbeets says.

The report comes even as a flurry of earthquakes topped by a magnitude 6.4 temblor killed one person and damaged hundreds of buildings in Puerto Rico. Many have accused the government of being caught unready again.


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