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Tight rope walk awaits Indian economy for 2020,GDP will continue to sink

GDP projections for the fiscal year 2020, released earlier this week shows a tight-rope walk for the economy. The country’s annual growth may fall to an 11 year time low of 5 percent. On this figure, national domestic production stands at a weak 2 percent growth which is very alarming and the construction and infrastructure potholed with a mere 3.2 percent.

The Indian economy is mainly affected by low inflation which in turn affects a cumulative mesh to all other sectors like credit flow, household debts, and various finance divisions. The government is striving to make believe the mid-income group of India that the days of enjoying low price goods are over and it is the turn of corporates and retailers to get their investments back.

Though it appears to be a never-ending drought, sprouts of greenery are also foreseen in the reports. A good chance is there for the Indian economy to bounce back from the abyss of recession by the year 2021 according to reports. This will be initiated with a boom in reality markets and the automobile industry as per analysts.

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