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10 Ropes to hang Nirbhaya convicts ready,Each costs 1725 rupees

10 ropes to hang the rapists of Nirbhaya are waiting at the prison Directorate to get knotted to a noose. Incidentally, they were handed over to the prison directorate on the same day Dec-16 at which Nirbhaya was brutally gang-raped and tortured.

Buxar jail in Bihar, the only place specializing in making noose ropes have a long tradition that goes back before Indian independence. The ropes are made of unprocessed cotton which makes them strong and clingy without breaking or slipping when the weight of a human body is dropped at its end. Five to Six laborers had to work for about a week to make one rope. Each rope is made with about 7000 strands of unprocessed cotton sewn with interlaying iron and brass wires.

The metal strands are used to make the noose bite to the neck at the time of hanging. The price of a noose rope is around 1725 rupees which varies mainly with fluctuation in brass and iron price in the market.


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