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BJP government knows only three words- Hindu, Muslim, Pakistan’; There is undeclared emergency in the country: Former BJP leader hits out Modi government

Former union minister Yashwant Sinha said that the Modi government has imposed a undeclared emergency in the country to crush the peaceful protests against the CAA-NRC. The former BJP leader also accused that the government knows only divisive politics.

” This government knows only three words -Hindu, Muslim and Pakistan. And this forms the its policy matrix, and all its utterances and actions revolve around them. The government’s core belief is that if you are able to divide the society on communal lines, then it would result in electoral gains by consolidation of Hindutva forces”, said the former BJP leader.

” I can still understand the urge to accommodate illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh because they were once a part of India. But why Afghanistan? And why minorities from Saudi Arabia and IRan? Why not Tamils from Sri Lanka, Buddhists from Tibet and Rohingyas from Myanmar?”, asked the veteran leader who is leading a rally against CAA-NPR-NRC.



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