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“Citizenship Amendment Act is ‘extremely illegal, immoral and ill-timed”, says historian Ramachandra Guha

Renowned historian and writer Ramachandra Guha has said that the Citizenship Amendment Act is ‘illegal, immoral and ill timed’. Guha said this in an interview given to NDTV.

” The Citizenship Amendment Act is ‘extremely illogica, immoral and ill-timed’. The minorities from Muslim majority countries-pakistan, bangladesh and Afghanistan- would get Indian citizenship and Muslims would be excluded from this. What about Tamils in Sri Lanka”, Guha asked.

” There is an economic crisis, there is a downturn, there is joblessness, agrarian distress and environmental degradation. The government should roll back the move and acknowledge the protests”, Guha said in the interview.

” Deepening majoritarianism and demonizing of Indian Muslims; attacks on Dalits, women and tribals; institutional decay and deepening environmental crisis. We are an environmental basket case”, he added.


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