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‘Governors are behaving like nominees of BJP’:Accuses former BJP leader

Former union minister and BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said that the Citizenship Amendment Act passed Parliament is is anti-democratic and is meant to divide people based on religion. The former BJP leader said that the passing of resolutions against CAA by the state governments is a constitutional crisis.

“There is a constitutional crisis. You cannot ignore state government. You have to take them into confidence”, said Sinha.

” They are dividing people on the basis of religion. We are going back to the pre-1947 era when some others used to do it”, accused Sinha.

” Where has the Team India spirit gone? Are governors not behaving like nominees of the BJP. Be it Kerala of West Bengal”, said Sinha.

He also said that as the BJP leaders are mad people they may impose presidential rule on states which passed resolution against CAA.


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