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Anti-CAA protestors did not allow ambulance to pass

A national media reported that the people who were protesting at Shaheen bagh in New Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act has did not allow an ambulance to pass. And this has worsened the condition of a patient. Punjab Kesari reported this.

As per the report in Punjab Kesari, a women named Mayawati aged 44 was having breathing difficulty. She was to be rushed to nearby hospital. And her husband Devta Prasad Maurya has requested the ambulance driver to come fast.

But as the Delhi-Noida highway is blocked by the anti-CAA protestors the ambulance was trapped in the traffic jam. Devta Prasad Maurya accused that the condition his wife worsened as the ambulance could not reach in the right time due to the road blockade by the protestors. he said that if anything happens to his wife then the protestors will be responsible. At last maurya managed to get an auto and took his wife to hospital; reported OPIndia quoting Punjab Kesari.

The protest in the Shaheen Bagh has blocked the highway connecting Faridabad-New Delhi-Noida. This has led to traffic block and increased travel time from 20 minutes to several hours. has been


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