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Pet dog saves Taiwanese family from Corona virus

There are several incidents that prove animals have an extrasensory perception which makes them behave oddly before a disaster or catastrophe strikes. A similar incident happened to a Taiwanese woman when her much loved Golden retriever ripped her passport to shreds. She was much angered at the time as she was planning a celebratory trip to Wuhan together with her family to enjoy the Chinese lunar new year in full swing. The family got her trip canceled because of the ‘mischief’ of their pet dog.

But the family was startled when later on the day they listened to the travel advisory from the government EBS(Emergency Broadcast Service). They soon began showering their love to the dog which they had scorned hours ago as her mischief turned to a ‘heroic’ prophetic act. The cancelled trip was for Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Now the family is breathing a sigh of relief tightly holding their female Golden retriever named ‘Kimmi’, for she had saved an entire family’s life.


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