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Australian heatwave creates panic of fresh bushfires

As the wildfires in Australia are receding-thanks to a cooler climate, an emerging heatwave is causing worries of a renewed bushfire. The heightened temperatures could inflame grasslands to cause a new wildfire. Not less than 80 forests are still burning in Australia.

“We’ve had the benefit of some suppressed, benign conditions over the last few days. However, as we’ve heard, it’s going to be hot and dry,” Victoria Emergency Services Commissioner Andrew Crisp said, urging residents to be prepared for bushfires to flare. Temperatures reached above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) on Thursday in South Australia state, where dangerous fire weather warnings were issued in several bushfire-prone areas.

New South Wales and Victoria, were dry winds and a temperature soaring to more than 40 degrees is prone to severe bush fires. As the heatwave moves from South Australia Melbourne and the Australian capital Canberra falls next to the bush fire zone.


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