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Stay petition rejected, Death by hanging on Feb 1

The apex court on Thursday rejected Nirbhaya’s death row convicts curative plea and appeal to issue a stay for their death sentence.

“The application for an oral hearing is rejected. The application for stay of execution of death sentence is also rejected,” said the 5-judge bench which heard the plea in-chamber. The Nirbhaya convict challenged the death sentence awarded to them terming it as a “panacea”, the act of a judge to deliver a ruling to please public interest and a renewed social vigor against violence against women in the backdrop of the ‘Disha’ gang rape in Cyberabad.

A distinctive characteristic of the Nirbhaya Gang rape convicts is that during the entire course of their trial, none of them expressed a strain of remorse for the cruel act. Mukesh Singh one among the 4 death row convicts in an interview even said that the whole mess ‘won’t have happened if the victim had not resisted there advances’. A curative petition is the last legal recourse available to a person in a court of law. The hang date is February 1 at 7 AM.


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