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US passes bill to sanction China for meddling with Dalai Lama

The House of representatives in US Capitol Hill passed a bill that gives a node to impose sanctions against China for meddling in the religious autonomy of Tibet. The bill first handly authorizes the government to impose travel and financial sanctions against top Chinese officials who were allegedly involved in interfering with the religious procedure to find a successor for the exiled Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai lama. Dalai Lama is withdrawing more from his ceremonial duties on account of his age-related ailment.

The bill, if passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president, will also prohibit China from opening any new consulate in the US until Beijing allows Washington to open its diplomatic station in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.

The US is alleging China to plant a ‘Chinese Lama’, agreeable to Chinese authorities as to the successor of Dalai Lama. As per Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the successive Lama’s are the reincarnation of the same primal leader, The Budha.”Any attempt to meddle with the religious and cultural beliefs of Buddhists will make the Sanctions to play its part”, said a US senate member.

Addressing the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill sends Beijing a clear signal that it will be held accountable for interfering in Tibet’s religious and cultural affairs.


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