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12 things that are illegal in Singapore: See Inside

“Singapore is a fine country. You’ll get a fine for everything.”

Singapore is a favorite holiday destination of Indians .The Asian country has been rises to the level of a family holiday destination. The country is enriched with entertainments that caters all age groups.

But you will be fined for some of your deeds in this country. So before leaving to Singapore know some acts which are punishable under Singapore law.

When going on an international holiday, it’s always wise to find out about the local traditions and laws so you don’t run into trouble. Singapore is a colorful and enthralling country, but make sure you don’t do these 12 things there.

1. No chewing gum

In Singapore chewing gum is banned. There is a ban in Singapore against purchasing gum or importing it. And in case you do have gum, you certainly can’t spit it out on the streets. You can be fined $500 (Rs 23,121) if you spit it out. .

2. Always flush

If you are in Singapore always flush before leaving a bathroom. Because using a public washroom and forget to flush is an offence and you can be fined $150 (Rs 6,936).

3. No porn and no walking around naked

If caught walking around nude even in the confines of your home, you could be fined up to $2,000 or up to 3 months in jail. As far as viewing pornography is concerned, don’t get caught watching adult films.

4. No littering

Spitting and littering can get you a $1,000 (Rs. 46,242) fine.

5. Foot and head alert

There’s no fine for this one. But is considered as a ugly and rude behaviour. So, don’t rest them on the table. Also, patting people on the head is considered offensive.

6. Don’t Snack on the MRT

When travelling via Singapore’s railways, you aren’t allowed to eat or drink. You can be charged fines of up to $500 (Rs 23,121) for doing so.

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7. Don’t connect to unsecured WiFi

It would be wise to turn off your “auto-discovery” setting when in Singapore. Using an unsecured WiFi connection is considered a serious crime there, under the Computer Misuse Act. You could be jailed for up to three years or would have to pay a fine of up to $10,000 (Rs 4,62,708).

8. Be careful what and how you gift

When gifting someone in Singapore, you need to keep the following things in mind:

a. Wrap your gifts in anything but white, as it is a sign of mourning

b. Clocks, flowers and handkerchiefs or flowers are related to Chinese funerals. So, don’t give them as presents

c. Don’t give gifts with your left hand

9. No public smoking

$200 is the fine if you smoke in a public space.

10. No graffiti

you can get caned and jailed for graffiti.

11. No drugs

Forget about doing drugs while in Singapore.

12. Don’t point at people

Pointing your finger at people is considered rude in Singapore. and your finger can be chopped off for that. Relax. We’re joking this time. It’s just that it’s considered impolite to point at people in Singapore. So keep that in mind.


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