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Israel investigates ‘car mauling’ of 14 as a terrorist strike

Israel government suspects Thursday morning’s car-ramming incident which injured 12 soldiers and two civilians as a terrorist strike. The driver “fled the scene” following the early morning attack at Jerusalem’s First Station, a historic rail stop that now hosts bars, shops, and restaurants, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. Among the 14 injured, the condition of one is reported to be critical and another suffered serious injuries. All others received minor injuries.

The police have started a combing operation for finding the car. There was no immediate explanation for a terror attack but Israeli police link the incident to Palestinians, known to deliberately ramming their car on Israeli citizens.

The incident is on the backdrop of Trump’s peace proposal along with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at Washington. The Palestinians were angered as no Palestinian representatives were involved in the peace proposal involving Israel and Palestine.


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