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UP CM gets EC notice for his ‘Biriyani for Shaheen Bagh’ statement

UP CM Yogi Adityanath joined the queue of right-wing leaders who got the ear-pinch gesture from the Election Commission of India. On Thursday EC sends notice to Yogi for his fiery election campaign statement “Kejriwal is feeding Biriyani to protestors, we will feed them bullets”.

Yogi, the star campaigner on BJP camp made the supercharged statement on February 1, at Karawal Nagar at the onslaught of Jamia Millia shooting by Kapil Gujjar, whom the Delhi police claimed to be an AAP supporter. He also blamed Kejriwal of having ties with a Pakistan minister for rounding up his allegation.

Election Commission cites the code of conduct to which bars leveling of baseless allegations during the campaign.


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