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” Hindus should be ashamed”: Student Islamic Organisation leader accuses that ‘CAA came into being because of Hindus

Salman Ahmed, the chief of Student Islamic Organisation’s Maharashtra unit has been detained by the Mumbai police over provocative speech on Citizenship Amendment Act. The radical Islamic organization leader has delivered hate speech against CAA in Nanded earlier this month.

” Shaheen Bagh has decided that CAA will be rolled back and the government must roll back. This is a fight for dignity. This is fight for justice and self respect. This law will be rolled back and the government will also go. If these tow things- CAA and Narendra Modi government stay, then nothing will remain. Muslim community is ready to do whatever it takes. This is not a strategy like Babri Masjid where we will have to accept the court judgement. We have made a decision. Now Hindustan will have to accept it”, said the SIO leader in one speech.

” You should be ashamed. Don’t come to show that there are Hindus against CAA. But be ashamed that this law came into being not because of Muslim votes but because of our votes. Muslims have not voted for Pragya Singh Thakur. You know who voted for her. Muslims did not vote for Yogi, you voted for Yogi” said he accusing that Hindus were responsible for CAA.

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