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‘We are Muslims first, then anything else”, claims Sumaiya Rana at Aligarh Muslim University

Sumaiya Rana, the daughter of poet Munawwar Rana asked the anti-CAA protesters not to lose their Muslim identity to become secular. This was reported by Hindi daily ‘Amar Ujala’.

” We need to be careful that we should not become that ‘neutral’ that we lose our identity. We are Muslims first then anything else” said Sumaiya Rana while addressing an anti-CAA rally in Aligarh Muslim University.

Sumaiya Rana also said that Muslims should not forget their ideology such as that they even can not show their face to Allah. Sumaiya Rana also said at the rally that the India is suffocating her.

” The environment in the country right now is vitriolic and is suffocating to live in such conditions”, said Sumaiya Rana.


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