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Parasite (2019)- Movie Review

Kavya Kamal

Knitting the classist behaviors nicely into the plot, Parasite has it all for you from the beginning to the end. The movie starts  off with the family of Kim, that lives in the suburban corners of the city. Surviving with low paid jobs, the family of 4 struggle but has unity and harmony within them which is deep rooted. There is comedy and there is satire in the beginning to keep the viewers adhere to what Bong Joon- ho devised.

When Ki-Woo’s friend Min-hyuk decides to go abroad, he gives  Kim’s family a scholar’s rock which they believe would bring in wealth and prosperity to the family. And that is also when the friend Min-hyuk asks Ki Woo to take over his job at Parks, an elite class family, as an English tutor.

From then onwards, the story is about how the Kim’s family get inside Park’s one by one with tricks and maneuvers.  As one of the posters say, “act like you own the place,” the characters slowly evolve and learn the corners of the house, establishing stronger relationship with every member of the Perks.

The story takes a crucial turn when the Parks decide to leave the house for their son’s birthday party.  What both the families confront, emboss the class conflict in our minds like none another. The brutal realisation and the vexed characters on one side make audience think of the existing world that we all live in!

Grabbing 4 Oscars in the year 2020, Bong Joon and the entire team work has got what they crafted in the form of Parasite.


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