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Experts suggest ventilation, not isolation is the key to curb Corona

The Coronavirus epidemic for the first time registered a victim count less than 3000 on Monday. On Monday evening the reported newly infected were 2,097 as per Chinese authority. The virus was capable of finding more than 3000 new hosts every day till now in China.

As a matter of increased concern, a few cases from Europe were reported were in no travel history to China or the disease affected areas were found in patients’ passport. In the United Kingdom, a total of eight cases are confirmed. This has pushed the government to issue a warning that the outbreak of novel coronavirus was a ‘serious and imminent threat’.

With experts working round the clock to find a cure to the novel coronavirus, one study says that staying at well-ventilated areas can save you from catching the viral infection. The abundant fresh air makes us far less susceptible to contract the virus through breath and infected surface contact. This is, of course, in addition to other precautionary methods like washing hands, staying away from crowded places, avoiding infected people and wearing protective masks when visiting sick friends and relatives.

Researchers have also said that making a switch to fans from air-conditioners will also help to a great extent. You can also open the doors and windows of your home to let in the fresh air. Even the World Health Organisation says that suspected patients of coronavirus should be kept in rooms that are well-ventilated.


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