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Essential tips to Organize and clean-up your car,Reload that lovely new car smell

Imagine a water bottle which was dumbed to the floor of the car finds its place rolling just beneath the brake pedal of your car. The scenario is not an imagination, and several long-distance drivers may have come across life-threatening moments when the brake pedal jams against the bottle leaving the driver very few options to respond- if he is lucky and has the nerves to tackle the situation.

Organizing and cleaning a car’s interior is pretty much procrastinated by most, and very soon an average family’s car gets stuffed by everything which should be kept at home or the litter bag. Fresh parents may have cars were in they hesitate to give their dearest colleague a ride back home-pressed to give any awkward reason other than a messed up car interior. But getting a car organized is more of choosing the right accessories which should be chosen wisely based on your car type and family needs. Once cleaned, to maintain the interior with that new car freshness is not that big task.

For cleaning keep handy a good vacuum cleaner preferably with carpet cleaning attachment, brushes, Baby wipes, Baking Soda, essential oil of your favorite fragrance, Vinegar, Cleansing alcohol and a pack of Q tips.

To clean, start with handpicking all of which could block the muzzle of your vacuum cleaner. Bottles, Chips Chocolate, and snack wrappers all should end up in litter bag. Take special care to clean beneath the front and rear seats. Many of you could find the documents you were seeking right from that magical ridge between the seats. After this step lift-off the floor mats and give a thorough clean to the car’s carpet with the carpet cleaner.If a carpet cleaner attachment is not available, use a brush intermittently to lift up anything biting on to the carpet and then vacuum.

Car cleaning wipes are expensive! As a cheaper and just as effective alternative – try baby wipes to eliminate dust and dirt. It may be worth storing a pack of these in your glove compartment or car organizer for those all-too-often (inconvenient) spills and messes!, Then spray a small amount of polish to the area and spread evenly to buff. Remember to avoid the stereo and any other electrical parts. Don’t forget to clean the roof with a soft-bristled brush. Use Q-tips to clean hard to reach crevices and cup holder inners.

To bring back that lovely new car smell take 2 cups baking soda, 10-20 drops essential oil, Container with a shaker top. Place the baking soda in a ziplock bag or a jar and add the essential oil and shake well. Leave for 24 hours so that the baking soda soaks up the oils. Store in an old shaker and sprinkle on your carpets. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes (or longer!) and then vacuum up. Your car will smell, just like it his just off the showroom. For cleaning windows Mix 1 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 alcohol in a spray bottle and spray deliberately! You have an eco-friendly, inexpensive window cleaner.

Now to organize your car place a trash can at a handy place for both the front and back rows. Anything which may end up on the car floor should go straight to the trash bin and it could be emptied conveniently over time. The Cars glove box is not for stuffing it with used napkins- Keep an organized pocket file to keep your Car insurance, emergency contacts, Registration, Car maintenance receipts, and Manual.

You can buy a car organizer to handle all the chaos at the rear seat.The organizer can be fastened or fixed to the back of front row seats to avoid clustering. If you have a dog or other pets use a hammock to catch up droppings and hairs of your furry friends.


Grocery bag hooks can also be used to hang eggs or crunchy snacks without being crushed by heavier groceries. Carry a snack basket within the organizer so the crumps of eatables will fall straight to the basket for later disposal. After all, don’t forget to empty the trash bins routinely.


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