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Malaysian chicken thief who looted 10,000 chickens gets his court sentence

A Malaysian man, aged 33 was sentenced by a Singapore court for 16 months in jail for stealing 10,000 chickens from a Singapore farm.

Au Yong Seh Enn, the ‘Chicken burglar’ sold the stolen chickens for about US$43,170 and used the earnings to settle his gambling debts and repay loans. Hy-Fresh Industry-the farm on which the theft was done was tracing for huge discrepancies in its stock over the period of November to December last year when the theft was surfaced.Au Yong Seh Enn was an operations manager and he was in charge of buying and distributing the chickens to clients.

The stolen chickens could not be recovered and Au Yong could not make any restitution either, the court observed. The price of each chicken – fresh or frozen – was S$2.86 (US$2.06), the court heard.
Au Yong sold them by cartons of 10 pieces of chicken to third parties three times a week between September 1 and November 18 last year.


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