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Army man proposes using tanks formed in to heart shape,Video is winning even more hearts

Denise Kajentsev, a platoon commander of the Russian army doesn’t have to muse a lot for an innovative idea for hearing the most precious ‘Yes’ upon proposing his girlfriend.

While he was proposing to 20-year-old Alexandra Kopitova his comrades in arms were plotting mighty T-72 and B2 armored trucks on the snow-filled valley to create a heart-shaped ensemble. He guided the young lady right to the middle of the formation with her eyes closed with her palms. Denise then knelt down and proposed to Alexandra who was overwhelmed with emotions and said ‘yes’ to the delight of the entire battalion.

Denise said the implementation of his idea was difficult and took one month of preparation. Later his commander came to his aide whose orders made the task easy. Alexandra said she will never forget these moments ever in life.




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