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Kannada star Darshan’s birthday party turns bloody

A fan of Kannada filmstar, Darshan smashed the face of a police constable with a large stone when he was asked by the cop to line up in the queue. The queue was to greet the star during his birthday bash.

The incident happened past midnight on February 15 near the residence of the film star where his birthday was being celebrated. The injured police constable has been identified as Devaraj, attached to the Jnana Bharathi police station. The impact of the face smash was such that the constable’s nose got fractured and one of his eyes was also injured. He collapsed on the spot while the assailant fled from the scene.

The film star’s managers had not made arrangements to handle a huge crowd that gathered near his residence and police had a tough time controlling the crowd. A mild lathi charge took place upon which the incident happened. Police are examining CCTV footage to nab the rogue fan.


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