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‘From ‘Secular left to Hindu Left’: CPIM to experiment with a ‘soft Hindutva’ stand

The CPM, which claims to be a secular party has decided to change its colour. The CPM has decided to experiment with ‘Soft Hindutva’ stand in its former red bastions West Bengal and Tripura. The CPM took this stand after AAm Aadmi Party’s victory in Delhi assembly elections.

The CPM has decided to cater to Hindu sentiments in order to win the belief of larger Hindu community both these states. The party thinks that by this they can better their electoral performance in these states. This was reported by OPIndia quoting a report by Times Now News.

The CPM has send a secret party note to all its senior functionaries in the states. The CPM has asked it leaders to participate in the Hindu festivals and temple activities to fight BJP in the states. ” Temples and other related activities cannot be forfeited to the RSS”, says the letter.

CPM has ruled West Bengal from from 1977 to 2011 and Tripura continuously 25 years. But the party has lost these states to Trinamool Congress and BJP.

The vote share of CPM has declined to 6.28% and BJp has gained 40% in the 2019 general elections. BJP has won 18 seats while CPM got no sets in the Lok Sabha elections.

Now the politics of West Bengal is centered around Trinamool Congress and BJP and CPM is no where in the picture. CPM thinks that by applying the soft Hindutva stand they regain their old glory.


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