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These internet, messaging services won’t be available in UAE from March

The internet and messaging service by BlackBerry will not be available in UAE from March. This was announced by the leading telecom and internet service provider in UAE, Etisalat.

Etisalat has informed that BlackBerry services will not provided anymore. The BlackBerry service will be suspended on Etisalat from March 10.

‘As per BlackBerry notice, the company’s services such as BlackBerry Messenger, Pin to Pin, BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry email Service will not available from March 10,2020. Customers can still use their data allowance from their BlackBerry packages for all other internet services’, said Etisalat in a statement released on Wednesday.


The ‘BlackBerry Messenger’ is one of the forerunner services like WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram. The Canadian smartphone company has stopped making smartphones from 2016. The company has earlier informed that it would not be selling any new phones by August 2020.


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