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Bollywood lyricist Hussain Haidry asks people to beat ‘upper caste’ Hindus with ‘chappal’

Bollywood lyricist Hussain Haidry has come with a controversial anti Hindu statement. The Bollywood celebrity has spew venom against Hindus. Hussain Haidry asked people to ‘show courage’ and ‘beat up the upper caste Hindus’. The Bollywood lyricist on social media has raised his statement.

In a series of posts shared on Twitter he has said that the upper caste Hindus are instrumental in ruining the country. So he urged people to go to each and every household in their respective colonies and beat all those voting for the BJP with chappals. He also said that the upper caste Hindus can only preach and they are good for nothing. They can only destroy the country.

“UC Hindus have the gall and the utter lack of shame in criticising Waris Pathan over and over again when the party they’ve softly or directly given power to is openly genocidal”, tweeted Hussain Haidry.

“I mean for god’s sake, Hindus should just stop chewing the criticism of a Muslim leader’s speech that is instigating when leaders of their regime are giving mass murder calls everyday. These genocidal maniacs have not hijacked power. They have been voted into it”, he again tweeted.


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