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‘Russia fueling misinformation on Corona’, blames US

Responding to conspiracy theories that speculate the Coronavirus is a  biological warfare waged by the US against China, the White House yesterday blamed Russia is behind the conspiracy campaign.

The US authorities said attempts to tarnish the USA include allegations that the virus is a US effort to “wage economic war on China,” that it is a biological weapon manufactured by the CIA or part of a Western-led effort “to push anti-China messages.”The world’s richest billionaire, Bill Gates philanthropical funding to aide the corona virus-infected was also under the conspiracy theorists’ radar that the funds were actually to develop the virus as a weapon. The US alleges Russia has a vast network of sites which spread misinformation of Corona in multiple languages operating at the same time and with a similar style, all of which can be traced to Russian domains.

Scientists believe the COVID-19 illness originated in late December in Wuhan at a market selling exotic animals for human consumption. Bats are known carriers of this strain of the coronavirus, whose official name is SARS-CoV-2, but scientists think it spread to humans via another mammal species, possibly pangolins.

China last week has however advised the US to think calmly and respond to Covid-19, as it pointed out American haste and panic was behind the WHO issuing a World Health Emergency call which affected Chinese trades badly.


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