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KCR invited for dinner with Trumps, US interests rooted on Telangana

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been invited to dine with President Donald Trump today.

Sources said Mr. Chandrashekar Rao too came to know about the dinner invitation only when it arrived.

The central government had selectively invited BJP and non-BJP state governments for the official dinner. Telangana was opted amoung non-BJP states because of the vast US interests and business opportunities, owing to US MNC’s input of favorable investment climate, according to a senior central government official.

The invitation to KCR is also accounted as the US policy of long term friendship for safe-keeping its interest on foreign soil. Further former CM Mr. Naidu’s implementation of the World Bank-dictated economic agenda and his frequenting the World Economic Forum in Davos for investment opportunities, making Telangana a formidable IT hub across the globe.


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