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“The aim is to destroy or break India”: Muslim cleric spews venom; reveals the hidden agenda behind violence :Watch Shocking video

A shocking video of Maulana Abdullah Salim Chaturvedi giving an anti-India speech has been released on social media. The Muslim cleric in the video reveals the hidden agenda behind the nationwide protests against CAA. He revelaed the real objective behind the protests while delivering a anti-CAA speech.

The Muslim leader revelaed that the Muslims are not actually fighting for their religion or for their identity by opposing CAA. They are actually protesting with the aim to destroy or break the country.

In the video, Maulana Abdullah Salim Chaturvedi says that the anti-CAA protests are important because this would ultimately cripple India’s economy. If the protests continue then the foreign investors will refrain from investing in India. So scared of constant protests these investors would back out the this would ultimately cripple India’ economy.

“They should continue to agitate until “these two corrupt people – Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah don’t submit to the pressure”, said the Maulana.

“we will not bend in front of such traitors”, said Maulana referring to the Modi government. he also added that they will keep fighting unless their demands are not met.


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