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Book on mental health and depression released by Penguin Books

The much left illness that all of us have ignored in the literary world is getting a stance. Penguin India has announced the release of a new book that attempts to dig deeper into mental illness and explain what it can feel like.

Based on the theme of depression and mental illness, ” Inside a Dark Box” by Ritu Vaishnav takes readers into the minds of someone who is locked in a battle with their own mind. The book expects to understand the associated challenges and isolation.

“With evocative, striking line drawings that complement the narrative, it is a powerful and positive book that is a must have for anyone who is undergoing depression or knows of someone battling it,” publishers said in a statement.

“You may have read about depression and you may know all the symptoms, but when faced with it, you may still fail to recognise it. You can feel lost and confused for a long time before you realise that what you are going through has a name, is common and can be tamed.

“Hopefully this book makes depression a little bit easier to identify and explain to those around us,” Vaishnav, who has worked as a journalist, a teacher and an editor for children’s books, said.


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