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The exponential spread of Corona virus and ways to curb the disease

A Pandemic of the nature of Covid-19 has three stages in which the first stage is when a virus after affecting a community builds its base by remaining in incubation within the host, still finding and infecting new hosts. The second stage starts when the virus exponentially starts spreading very rapidly. The number of cases will double every third day and if left unhindered the whole community of about a million will be infected within a month. Then the third phase starts when the effects of virus recede from the community as people recover from the disease and some die out succumbing to the illness. Those who recover will develop the immunity to counter further attack of the virus and the slope thus recedes and after about 3 months the community will be free of Virus pandemic.

Here to curb the exponential spread of pandemic disease, generally, three ways are adopted by authorities. The first one is the complete quarantine of the affected region, like the quarantining of the Hubei province -the epicenter of the new strain of Coronavirus. The forced quarantine proved impossible to completely seal off the sick population from the healthy. This also generates a humanitarian crisis when the supply chains of basic necessities pose a great hindrance to effective quarantine.

Another method is the moderate social distancing. The focus of this method is to encourage people to avoid public gatherings, to stay home more often and to keep their distance from others. If people are less mobile and interact with each other less, the virus has fewer opportunities to spread.But in actuality some people will still go out. Maybe they cannot stay at home because of their work or other obligations, or maybe they simply refuse to heed public health warnings.

Even with different results, moderate social distancing will usually outperform the attempted quarantine, and extensive social distancing usually works best of all. Below is a comparison of your results.


The authorities can discourage the tendency of people to gather by closing social places like Restaurants, Theatres, and malls.”We control the desire to be in public spaces by closing down public spaces. Italy is closing all of its restaurants. China is closing everything, and we are closing things now, too,” said Drew Harris, a population health researcher and assistant professor at The Thomas Jefferson University College of Public Health. Moderate Social distancing can be indirectly imposed by reducing the opportunities for social gathering.

Moderate Social distancing, when applied to an educated and aware population, would be the best option to curb a pandemic. This method creates an extensive social distancing. Here people will ensure and impose on themselves all the necessary precautions for curbing the spread of virus.They will follow social distancing and personal hygiene if kept properly will dampen the curve without even letting it to reach the peak.


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