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“Listen Narendra Modi, our mothers and sisters gave birth to Tipu Sultan, Fly your tri-colour in toilets”: Shaheen Bagh protester spews venom: See Video

Anti-CAA protesters at Shaheen Bagh continue to spew venom against union government. In a video shared online by Jamia World, protesters can be heard spreading lies about the NRC, fear-mongering and spewing hatred.

“Listen Narendra Modi, our mothers and sisters gave birth to Tipu Sultan. After 70 years of independence, today Modiji is saying Muslims will have to undergo NRC, Amit Shah says will do the NRC. What NRC? Is the Red Fort of your ancestors? Is this Qutub Minar of your ancestors? Is the Taj Mahal where you took Trump of your ancestors? It is of our ancestors. Listen, those who ask for document in NRC, this Red Fort is our proof. The Taj Mahal is our proof and the Qutub Minar is our proof. Why are you unfurling the tricolour on the Red Fort? I say you should do it at the toilets you built,” a protester can be heard saying.

“Why are you unfurling the tricolour on the Red Fort? It is ours. You built the toilets, you fly your flags there. That will show you are real Hindustani”, he continues his hate speech.

“Our time is now. The time when we used to walk behind you is gone,” he says while urging the ‘protestors’ to develop the courage within themselves. “If you had developed courage when the Babri Mosque was demolished, then you wouldn’t have to see this day. Your mothers and sisters would not have to sit on the roads. Your conscience was dead. I don’t care if you feel bad. Because today our brothers and sisters are insulted and killed. If you don’t come out of the house today, next will be you. We are scared only of Allah. We are not not afraid of anyone else”, the hate speech continues.

In another video, another ‘speaker’ called for economic boycott of products of Reliance Group and Adani Group as ‘economic loss to them will hit Modi and Shah’.

“Modi and Shah will be hurt if the business of ones who are supporting him, Adani and Ambani, are hurt. The fight should be planned, not an emotional one. It is being repeated here often and I will say it again. Stop using Jio phones. Till the time you continue using Jio phone we cannot win this fight. Ultimately, it should hurt them. Their business should incur losses. They are poisoning our community. Hence, we must make sure that the products we use are not from them. We will have to boycott their products.hey pray to Lakshmi, they are afraid of coronavirus. We do not pray to Lakshmi so we are not afraid. Firstly take the Jio sim and break and throw it away. It will be painful but we have to win this fight”, the protester says.



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