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This is how China turned to be an importer of Coronavirus from its record of an exporter

China, the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus had a sigh of relief after hard sweating of 3 months to curtail the pandemic. A video released a week ago featured doctors rejoicing along with aid workers after new cases reported approached the zero mark. Medical relief workers showing the bite marks of the N95 masks they wore continuously for 3 months is enough to reveal the hardships they went through to put to chains the ‘enemy of humanity’, as rightly referred by WHO.

But just after a week China is again facing the same nemesis again. A new wave of virus attack is hitting the Chinese mainland now. Chinese expatriates returning from the new frontiers of war on viruses are the source of the new attack. China which is used to exports has now started to import Coronavirus back to its soil, literally in-line with the age-old saying ‘we have to reap what we sowed.’ So far 107 new exported Covid-19 cases are reported in China. Of these 34 cases are from those who returned back to China from the UK. This makes the UK lead the globe in the export of novel coronavirus.

Professor Lee of Beijing University clearly sees an emerging new wave of attack on mainland China on the basis of statistical analysis. The attack zones of the virus are now Italy, Spain, France, Iran and South Korea.29 covid cases are reported to be imported from Spain and 18 from Italy. Alarms of impending attack sounded when 4 on a family of 6 who came back from the UK tested positive for the virus.7 of the new imported cases are from the US. Quarantine facilities are now again revving just after 10 days of the receding wave. A report on a Chinese media elaborately detailed the route map of how the virus spread from a Chinese returning after a business trip to Turkey to infest a 54-year-old native village farmer.

The reports from China is a reminder for the rest of the world, and the tenacity of the virus to attack humanity. China who felt the grime effects of the virus first hand and employing all known methods of sterilization is still getting pushed again to a corner by the same Covid-19 virus.


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