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Weird alien like creature filmed by scuba diver off the coast of Australia

Oceans always offer a treasure of surprises. As a matter of fact, we have discovered only 5 percent of the total oceanic floor, even as we aim towards building colonies on Mars.

Jacinta Shackleton (26)  a biologist while scuba diving in an island near Australia filmed incredible footage of a creature that had tentacles inside its mouth. The creature commonly known as ‘Sea Urchin, was resting at the sea bed near Lady Elliot Islands.

Unlike the name, ‘Sea Urchin’ is not a vegetable and belongs to the family ‘Echinodermata’ of the animal kingdom, and it looks very similar to a snake. The feather-like tentacles are used by the creature to feed on suspended particles by filtering the water gushing through its mouth. This animal also has an ability to push out its innards, a tactic used to scare away potential predators.


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