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Here is what you can do in the times of quarantine

With nobody to take care of their fitness or fashion right now, Bollywood stars are doing an admirable job of keeping their chin up in the time of corona virus. With this, they have inspired many of us to have adapt it in our lives. Lets have a look at what we could do in the times of quarantine.

Eat Healthy

Good food equals good life. Don’t go overboard with the chips and cola. Remember you are a person not a junk food-loving raccoon from Over the Hedge. Yami Gautam’s gluten free meal shows us the way.

Take care of your skin 

Wash, scrub and give a good mask to your face. This is the time when you can really take care of your skin and give it a nice treatment.


This is the time when you can burn those extra carbs without going to the park or hitting the gym. Yoga and simple workout is the way.

Look good and love yourself 

Stay home, stay stylish. Just because your social life has gone for a toss doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and indulge in a little bit of vanity.

Drink healthy

Fruit juices and smoothies are great way to boost your immunity. And if that wholesome glow on Deepika Padukone is any indication, consider us sold.


Get sun soaked

Soak in tons of sunshine vitamin. With summer kicking in, that’s one thing that count on to never go out of supply.

Do yoga 

Yoga relaxes the mind, body, soul and, boy, do we need it more than ever!

Read More 

A bestseller will help take your mind off the nonstop coronavirus news all over.

Catch up on your beauty sleep

No better use for all that extra time than this!


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