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What you need to know when conceiving during pandemic season

The new strain of Coronavirus had led to many research conducted on the effects of the virus on stages of human life. The latest studies almost confirm that human males are more susceptible to the virus attack than the females although no one is out of risk zone.

Case studies highlight a trait of the virus which has to be kept in mind of couples planning to conceive during Covid season. Observation in later Covid patients suggested that the virus will enter the foetus in the uterus at earlier stages of pregnancy itself. The study is of particular concern noting the fact that the virus could easily pass the Placental barrier of the mother to reach the developing foetus to attack critical stage of brain development. The placenta allows transportation of the antibodies from the mother. But certain viruses like Zika and now novel Coronavirus is known to trespass this defensive barrier

The virus in two cases out of the three had passed the placental barrier to attack the foetus. The studies, published in JAMA journal(medical association in China), suggested it reaches the foetus. Both studies found antibodies in newborns that recognize the coronavirus. These antibodies are too large to be transported through the placenta.

In any case, Covid-19 virus demonstrates a peculiar trait which aims at bringing the human population down. The virus is found to impede male sex hormone testosterone, decreasing male libido and Semen quality. In women, it is found to attack foetus trespassing placental barrier to attack developing foetus.


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