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Disney+ is launching on Hotstar in India: Details inside

At last Disney+ is entering India. The digital streaming plat form will be availbale in on Hotstar. The Disney+ will be launched in India on April 3.

Like Hotstar, Disney+ will be available in VIP and Premium packages along with an ad-supported version. There’s no separate subscription plan for Disney+ as it will be bundled with the current packages offered on Hotstar.

There will be some changes though. As for existing Hotstar users, their subscription plans will be automatically upgraded to the new ones.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription:

Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription plan is priced at Rs 399 per year. Under this plan, users will get access to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe including movies like The Avengers, Iron Man and Thor Ragnarok. Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscribers will also get to watch popular titles like The Lion King and Frozen 2.

In addition to this, Disney+ Hotstar VIP offers kids content like Mickey Mouse and Doraemon. It also has Hotstar Specials, live sports matches, Star serials and more.

Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription:

Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription is priced at Rs 1,499 per year. This subscription plan brings all the Disney+ Hotstar VIP benefits. In addition to this, Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscribers get to watch exclusive titles like The Mandalorian, Lady and the Tramp and more. This subscription package also includes the latest shows from HBO, Fox and Showtime.


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