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Hindus and Christians in Pakistan are deprived of ration and food: Shocking Video

The religious minorities in Pakistan are facing severe discrimination from the part of authorities in Pakistan on food and other supplies amid Covid-19 pandemic. This has been reported by national media.

It has been reported that the Hindus and Christian minorities in Pakistan are being deprived of the food supplies by the authorities, saying they are meant for Muslims.

“Authorities are not helping us during the lockdown, the ration is also not being provided to us because we are part of a minority community,” a video released by news agency ANI reported.

As per reports, the shops across the Sindh province are shut to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the people of minority communities have to gather at Karachi’s Rehrri Ghoth to receive food supplies and daily essentials. However, those belonging to Hindu community are told to go back since the rations are only meant for Muslims.

Similarly, the people of Christian community are also facing problems due to the lockdown as they do not have money to buy food and authorities are indifferent to their woes.


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