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See how to make the trending Dalgona coffee at your home !

The Korean tik tok video of making the popular Dalgona coffee is the new trendsetter.

What exactly is this Dalgona coffee? 

It’s basically cold coffee with a fancy name which also happens to be a popular South Korean honeycomb candy.

In fact, some Indians feel it is inspired by ‘beaten/whipped coffee’ or ‘phitti hui coffee’ which we have been having in our homes since ages.

The word ‘Dalgona’ fascinated me so much that I immediately decided to give it a shot.

Two teaspoons of coffee powder, sugar and milk/warm water are the basic ingredients you will require to make it.

Before you try it, let me warn you, it’s a very time consuming process. But when you see the result, it will be worth your efforts.


2 tsp coffee powder
2 tsp sugar
A glass of milk
2 tsp warm water
Ice cubes
Cocoa powder (optional)


In a glass, take 2 tsps coffee powder, warm water and sugar.
Use a spoon/whisk/milk beater to whip the mixture well till it fluffs up like foam. This may take anything between 5 to 30 minutes depending on what you are using to beat the mixture.
To serve, add a few cubes of ice in a glass.
Add milk and top it with whipped coffee.
Add cocoa powder and serve.



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