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Coronavirus : Condom sales increased during lockdown

Condom sales has increased drastically due to corona lock down all over the world, nearly 3 billion people are imprisoned in their homes due to lockdown. The world’s largest condom producing company has said that, due to the Corona lockdown, they have forced them to stop production, due to which there is a shortage of condoms.

Malaysia’s Karex Bhd produces one in five condoms globally. The lockdown did not produce a single condom in its three Malaysian factories for more than a week. There is already a shortage of 100 million condoms, usually marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, distributed by healthcare programs in different countries such as supplies to the UK’s NHS or aid programs such as the United Nations Population Fund goes.

The company was allowed to resume production on Friday, but with just 50 percent of the workforce, under a special concession to special industries. The Chief Executive Officer, Goh Mia has stated that “The factories will take time in the lane for speed and we are going to try to supply half the demand.

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