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Janhvi Kapoor share new picture with Khushi: See pics

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor has shared a new picture on her social media handle. In the picture hse can be seen with sister Khushi.

“She loves having me around. U can tell”, Jahnvi Kahpoor captioned the photo on Instagram with a number of pink heart emojis. The picture shows Janhvi sitting on the lap of her younger sister and smiling at the camera. Khushi, meanwhile, is looking away from the camera and has a composed expression on her face.


“I’ve learnt that I can still smell my mother in her dressing room. I’ve learnt that I’m a better painter in my head than in real life. I’ve learnt that Khushi (Janhvi’s younger sister) is definitely the cooler sister. I’ve learnt that I have the funniest friends in the world,” Earleir the actress wrote on social media.


“I learned that my father misses me. Before lockdown, whenever he was home; he would wail for me and Khushi to come back from work or from meetings or from our friends houses to spend time with us. I would never see him wait. “But when I wake up now and go across the hall and see him alone on the sofa smiling because he has us to himself the whole day, I can picture him sitting in the same place wailing alone for us to come home”, she added.




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