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The Science behind PMs appeal to light candles on April 5 explained

Indian premier Narendra Modi in his address to the nation, today at 9 AM had made a request which may seem weird to many Indians. His appeal was to light candles on April 5 at 9 PM for 9 minutes.

But the time he had chosen to make this appeal is intriguing attention from an astrological point of view. Astrology is also a guiding and remedial science, apart from the popular belief of just a predictive science. The apt time of 9 PM and the duration of 9 minutes is to boost the effect of Mars on the souls of every Indian. The number 9 represents the planet Mars- the celestial warrior known for courage, bravery, patience, self-confidence, leadership abilities, physical strength, and forcefulness. Boosting the effect of Mars in once life will give the courage to face any adversities with an overdose of healthy confidence.

The Moon is in Leo constellation on April 5. Leo is a solar constellation and if anyone knowingly lights a candle or deep when the moon is in a solar constellation, it actually lights-up one’s mind because the moon governs the mind of a human being. The act if performed by the whole nation will empower the soul of the nation. As per Doctor and Astrologer Jaya Madan, India is traversing through very tough times known as Kaal Sarp in astronomical terminology and popularly known as Raahu and Ketu, a celestial serpent.

The rebellious mentality, Household disturbances, and restlessness of mind at large are all due to the effects of Kaal Sarp. If proper mantras are recited along with a small deep lighted with sesame or mustard oil, the positive energy will ward off the effects of Kaal Sarp. As per Dr. Jaya Madan lighting electronic lamps is not good at this situation as Electronic lighting will strengthen the effect of Rahu. If ghee oil lamp is lighted place a small piece of Camphor(Karpur) near the flame.If a sesame oil lamp is used place one clove bud in the lamp. This will ward off the darkness and disease energy created by the effect of Saturn on households.

Sprinkling some barley on candles before lighting it will certainly make the effects of Rahu to lower. The April 5,9 PM will be the ascension time of Libra and at this transit situation, Rahu will be at the 9 th house of Libra ascension. The act of lighting deep by Indians will light up this transitional 9 th house, clearing fear, confusion, and panic from the minds of all Indians. Celestial assistance for fighting any disease will be descended if all Indians abide by the PM’s appeal to light candles on April 5,9 PM for 9 minutes.


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